so i'm new to the forum...

so i guess I might be a bit behind but i just found out about yoyo expert. sowhile I’m at it, what happeed to all the guys that used to throw, like dana bennet, adam brewster, henry dineen? or all they al still out there throwin

I came into the yoyo scene after those guys, but I did a little research, and I’m not sure if they’re still throwing. looks like 09 is the last time brewster and dineen competed, and bennet latest I could find was 06. They’re probably still throwing though. I can’t imagine going to worlds and competing, then just quitting a little bit after.

Some people just like to vanish from the spotlight. Could be the case.


Brewster and Bennet still throw. Not sure about Dineen.

Good to see you came over to the red team. lol

Really good to see ha Jace. :]

Jace? Wait. You’re the guy someone saw at the independenxe day parade while he was throwing with his neighbor! ha! Anyway welcome to the forums.

whoa wha? wha? you very well might have me mistaken for someone else. but that’s cool man. and yeah ichtus, finally found out about this forum. I’m trying to get more active on the forums. trying to get back in the game

brewster competed at KS states this year so he is still throwing.