What yoyoer do you miss?

There are a lot of yoyoers out there that maybe still yoyo but dropped off the face of the yoyo planet. Who do you miss?

One of mine is Dylan Kowalski. He was a great thrower and a mod over at the extreme spin forum. His username was live for today.

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He really needs to come back, miss seeing him frequent contest, and his style was just so epic to watch.

Andre Boulay and Johnnie DelValle. They were the best.

Um… What?


Shane Karen he won a national title in 5a and 4a then just disappeared

i had to. but i dont really care about who competes i juat really like yoyoing
and. do you know who runs this site?

I don’t really miss anyone, I mean people come and go. The memories are what matter to me. YMMV if you don’t like it, oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother. :’(



I miss rsmod. He was a great yoyoer and he just faded off YYE.

jason lee?

This is an excellent thread to speak about and I may post it on other forums to get their insight! Anyways, I have seen yoyoers come and go, from being video makers to competitors yoyoing always has a spot for someone.

One of my top choices would definitely be Brent Dellinger. Back in 2002 he was in his prime, especially his nationals freestyle. He had the flash effect, he had some spectacular tech tricks mixed with slack and was famous for the ever insane whips…like three or 4 wrap swings. Then, for some reason he just…stopped. I am not even sure if he still judges or not.

Another person I have to make a mention about is Jordan Cooper, whom was from the 2000-2002 era of throwing. He always came back to make some amazing clip videos and represent MA so very well. There is a lot of yoyoers I never had a chance to meet and he was definitely one of them.


Ummm Where did Augie go? Oh that’s right Nowhere! He still yoyo’s. Still makes videos and still competes.

This thread isn’t about who stops competing or who stopped yoyoing. Just about who quit posting and showing up to meets and things like that. I guess it doesn’t hurt to post all the others though.

I also miss Eric Hesterman!

tommy gun

i miss conviction666 (aka bryan) he is still my favorite player but he quit yoying awhile back. Also i miss jueno motzcko he still yoyos but i just haven’t seen him in awhile. im not even sure if hes apart of duncan anymore beacuse he is not on their website :confused:

Bryan was absolutely amazing with his technical abilities for 1a. I wish he would of went on to other styles of throwing, would of been amazing. He was doing it on and off but I am not sure if he still does or not.

Juno Motzko still throws every now and then but his heart isn’t into it like he used to be as a kid. He plays a lot of various music now. And no, he is not apart of Duncan Crew USA anymore.

Yeah, ik Andre runs the site, but neither Johnnie or Andre compete anymore… thats wat i mean

ok… good hah… this thread meant quit yoing

Kim Lan