Who anodize’s who’s yo-yos?

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Who anodize’s each brand?
Such as who anodize’s Onedrops?
Or who anodize’s YYF?
Or who anodize’s Magicyoyo?

Really want to do pyramatte on the Moose


Pyramatte finish is done by One Drop, then they send them out to be anodized. Would be best to contact them direct to discuss working with them to do that.

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Thanks for the response!


Pyramatte is just a tumbling process, you can probably get a similar finish at other machine shops if you ask around. I prefer it over blasted finishes most of the time too!

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I’m sorry but the grammar in this post is not so good :grimacing:


Whom’st are you referring, their?

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Sorry, was trying to ask who anodize’s which brand of that makes more sense

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At least the posts before yours ended with periods or exclamation marks.


Bruh why y’all always beefin with one another, people always saying how “chill” the community is, I agree most of the time but daaaaamn people are always going in on each other here, ESPECIALLY on Facebook

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Frankly, I don’t find end punctuation to be strictly necessary in a forum setting. It’s quite common to see people forgo end punctuation in a casual setting! I also always end my posts with some indication that I’m done talking; if it’s not proper punctuation, it’ll be an emoji.


I don’t really see it as beefing, I think people are just too sensitive :man_shrugging:

I do agree FB can breed hella drama tho


FB is hella toxic in comparison to the forum here most definitely, I can’t believe some of the banter that goes on in there

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Well I viewed the title grammar comment as an amusing aside, not an attack.

It is a funny title.

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Who anodize’s SF?


Not just any tumbling. It’s a custom formulation of media to achieve a blast like finish but for less cost.

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I NEED this finish some day

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Yeah, wasn’t trying to say anything negative about the pyramatte finish, just explaining he could look into a tumbling process for something similar from different shops.


I know you weren’t :slight_smile: I just figured that it wasn’t probably well known that we spent a considerable effort in research and testing to get the formulation just right.


I feel ya man I’m pretty much done with bst. On fb cause you can’t even ask a questions anymore with out beging talked down too.

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