pyramatte finish


What are you thoughts on the LOOK of the pyramatte finish? I prefer the look of a soda blast because it looks more even. The pyramatte seems like a bunch of random flatspots and scratches to me haha. There’s no denying its performance though, the two are very similar in that regard.


I don’t find them similar in that regard, either. I love One Drop yoyos, but I wish they did more blasted throws. The Pyramatte grinds mediocre. If anything, I like the look of it (the uneven thing is kinda neat-looking with certain colours) more than the performance.


It’s because the Pyramatte is just tumbled in rocks.



Gravel is rocks. Gravel is only slightly more specific but not exact.


I’m pretty sure pyramatt is special because the “rocks” they are tumbled in are triangular like little mini pyramids. Hence the pyra in pyramat.


Maybe I’m blind but I’ve never noticed any pyramatte throws looking uneven. I think they’re beautiful. Solids, splashes, mine have all been top notch.


I don’t dislike it but when your hands are sweaty or it’s humid outside pyramat sucks. It becomes super super sticky


That’s how it always seems to me in the pictures. Then, once I take a closer look, I see that it kind of has the unevenness similar to the texture/grain of construction paper.

It’s definitely a hard-to-notice thing.
I’ve heard that the tumbling medium wears down, so some Pyramatte finished yoyos look amazing because they were tumbled with a fresh set of those pyramids and some look kind of papery like mine.


I HATE pyramette. It looks oily and greasy, and it doesn’t let the colors pop as much as other finishes. Also, from what I’ve experienced it’s not very good at grinding, and its much less durable then blast and straight ano. I avoid yoyos with a pyramette finish. I will take plain ano over pyramatte. Which is sad, because One Drop is a really cool company. They just use a horrible finish.


I enjoy the grinding of it but… It just looks terrible on my raw, Jensen Kimmitt painted Canvas with scratch marks everywhere. I still think that it is great for grinds though.


I can kind of see what you’re getting at I guess. Hmm…Interesting. It doesn’t grind as well as other finishes or blasts, but I still love pyramatte. I’m going to say that it is my favorite finish because I love how it makes the yoyo feel in my hand. I also really think they just look good.


I also think it feels great in the hand. It feels smooth and comfortable. But, I do agree that with sweat, it does tend to make the throw feel “sticky”.


Like blasted better, but pyramatte is fine in my books.


It is not intended to be on raw yoyos.


Is this true David? ???


No. It just takes longer when they are small. But we always replenish it anyway.


When I got my first yoyo with pyramat I made excuses just to touch it because of how amazing the finish feels alone.


I love the Pyramatte finish. I love the look of the underlying tumbled finish. I am weird like that though.


I got the see the Pyramatte tumbler once. It was mesmerizing, like a vortex kind of.