Thoughts on Chik!


Hey, I’m looking at Chik! I was wondering how it plays and feels. Also, just you’re general thoughts. Comment please :wink:


My thoughts on the Chick.

If you don’t want to click on the link above I can give you the TL:DR version.

Buy one, it is a brilliant player with a bonkers price point for a Side Effect enabled yo-yo.


I like it. tried it at YoLextravaganza, it feels just right in the hand. I love the weight, the grooves feel nice, and its really good for horizontal.

(M.DeV1) #4

Like the fun of a code one fused with the competition characteristics of a burnside. In other words one badbutt long spinning, smooth, stable yoyo. Solid on the string and dead smooth I like to throw mine with brass ultralights.


I’m not finding it to be anything exciting. It would probably be one of the world’s best all-arounders, by my estimation. Except for the pyramatte finish, which is highly overrated. But I don’t seem to really like all-arounders.

Easily worth the price tag for the solid colours, but it turned out to not be anything I really needed in my collection.


pyramatte finish overrated??? ive never heard anybody even rate it… i like the feel but it doesnt grind the best. still though ive never even heard anyone say it was awesome or terrible.


I’ve seen a lot of people praise it, especially when it was first starting to get used on OD yoyos.

I have to agree with Greg. I personally can grind better on my Sleipnir and one some days, even my polished nickel grinds better if my skin is dry. I’d rather have plain ano if its not gonna be blasted, personally, but for everyone that doesn’t like it, there’s 20 people who love it so what do I know?


Yeah, I’ve heard enough people say they like pyramatte for grinds, as recently as last night. As you can imagine, I don’t write those occurrences down in a notebook or anything. :wink: