What exactly is a pyramatte finish?


All I know is that a yoyo is “tumbled” with a bunch of “special” rocks xD
How does it affect play? Or the appearance?


I won’t comment too much on the actual process since I don’t know the exact specifics, however I can remark on the result.

Pyramatte tends to feel like a very light blast, slightly grippier than a traditional beadblast (especially if your hands get sweaty) but it still grinds well enough.

As you can see, Pyramatte tends to look slightly shiny-er than a traditional blast.

It doesn’t affect play at all, only affects how the yoyo feels and grinds.


Somebody should do a review of all the different finishing methods with descriptions, images, and pros and cons. I’d offer to do this but am pretty ignorant about how yo-yos are finished.


Definetly gonna work on this soon, would be really helpful to have this kind of review.