Pyramatte finish

I really love the Pyramatte finish on my Orange Toxic Hazmat. I notice the newer Hazmats don’t have this finish they are just anodized.

I did a search and only forund “The Burnside” and “The Baseline” to be the only other yo with this finish. Are there any others?

It looks like it is a more expensive and very strong finish.

I thought almost all One Drops had this finish as well as some CLYW’s.

Well, I dunno it is kinda confusing.

In this review of the dietz -,31736.msg309851.html#msg309851

it says Pyramatte finish, but then when you look at the Dietz for sale I thought they were anodized. I have a subteranian splash Dietz that is deffinetly anodized. Are the solid colors ano or pyramatte?

The pyramatte finish is when they dump the halves into a bin of sorts and tumble it with what I think is a pyramid shaped ceramic media. They clean and “surface treat” at the same time. After it’s done, then the halves are anodized and/or engraved(not sure what order that goes in, I think anodizing then engraving).

Anodizing is done to color and/or seal the metal so it will be harder and won’t wear down so fast as the anodization is tougher than the regular metal. You can anodize over all surface texture treatments, to the best of my knowledge.

Studio42 is correct. And the order is anodizing then engraving.

So are there any other OD’s with the Pyramitte finish? Does the Burnside have it? Are the solid colored OD pyramitted? I want another yo like my Hazmat- reminds me of glass it’s soo smooth

Cafe Racer

Those are fo sho

Which clyw has the pyramatte finish? I though they were all soda blasted aside from the og peaks and test finishes

I just bought a code 2, 54, and a Dietz all in different splash color ways none of them feel like the Hazmat.

So the solid colors of those models have thre same pyramitte finish?

Or if I’m asking the wrong question

Are there any OD’s that have a smooth finish like the hazmat? Do the solid od’s look anything like the hazmat?

I doubt it has anything to do with the finish. Most likely just the shape of the yoyo. My Dietz’s finish is, donno, like silkey. My Code2, not as much. Not to say they don’t have smooth finishes.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but maybe it’s possible that splash designs build up extra layers that cover over the pyramatte finish more? I have a burnside, code 2, and dietz that are solid blue. Their finish appears to look like your pictured hazmat. They have almost a little bit of “shimmer” to the finish when light hits them right.

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Thanks for the reply- I think what you say makes sense. I know the finish on my Code 2 and Hazmat aren’t the same. Next OD will be a solid color. I hope it has that “shimmer” or “wet nail polish look” to it.

My splash OD’s may have went through the pyramatte process but they don’t look or feel like the Hazmat, maybe it is just the anodizing or the paint on the hazmat that looks and feels so good.

I appreciate all comments from those who have held both.

My green Dietz has a Pyramatte. It is probably just the splash colors that don’t have it.

The splash colorway yoyos go through the process as well and do have the Pyramatte finish. There is, however, some variation in the Pyramatte/tumbling process. Yoyos tumbled with brand new medium come out with a more beadblasted look, whereas those tumbled with older medium tend to come out with a less textured feel to them.

Thanks, I been reading alot of reviews and looking at a lot of pictures. I noticed the pictures of say the Burnside in solid Pink look to have that same wet nail polish look. So there is pryamitte on all OD’s but the solids look different than the splashes and there are two kinds of medium they are blasted with. Thanks for answering my questions, I think I got it. ::slight_smile: no really I got it

There aren’t two kinds of medium, and they aren’t blasted. The raw halves are put in a big tumbler. That tumbler has some medium that the yoyos are mixed in with that wear down over time. Hope that clarifies.

All One drop yoyo’s are Pyramatte finished, except for the earlier models like the Project 1 and 2, and Markmont project. Maybe a few special editions as well. I believe even the Nickel plated throws are Pyramatted before being coated with nickel.
They all go through the tumbling process after machining. It seems to show better on the solid colored ones though. My guess is because there is only one color and no splashing to obscure the textured finish.
Think of it like a rock tumbler. The yoyo’s go into a big vat with a medium and are tumbled for hours with the medium. In One drops case they are little pyramid shaped pieces of ceramic (i think).
Basically the medium rubbing up against the surface of the metal and vibrating eventually textures the surface into that finished look. Their Pyramatte tumbler looks kinda like the picture at the bottom.
But yes, all of their yoyos are Pyramatte finished. Some just look slightly different than others because of various factors like J-rod mentioned.
Hope this all helps!

And here is a video of a tumbler. One drop uses pyramid shaped mediums. the medium in the video is not one drop but just to give you an idea how it puts on a finish.