what are some common yoyos that have the pyramatte finish


…like every one drop

you’re welcome

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A few of the new prestige from general-yo (I know orange boo has the pyramatte and possibly the blue love with maybe the purple sage.$

Most one drops…

I’m extremely curious how a Chik! Would feel with a really nice bead blast on it(

Can anyone think of a One Drop that’s bead blasted?

None, one drop soda blasted their throws.

You’re joking, right?

I’m thinking someone’s not informed properly. I just cannot recall a model that One Drop that wasn’t pyramatte and had a beadblasted finish (with exception to the rally).

What yoyos were bead blasted by them?

I think the Projects were beadblasted, and that’s about it. There are a couple models, like the Code 1 and 2, that have had soda blasted editions released, but for the most part, OD uses the tumbled pyramatte finish.

You’re throne that is joking, one drop soda blasted everything until the code 1 and still releases some soda blasted models with clear ano.

The Code 1 was a long time ago, dude. They’re mainly pyramatte now. If by everything you mean the projects, dingos, and y-factors, then yeah, i guess they did sodablast all of those. But those haven’t been in production in a long time (not including the y-factor reboot, which was pyramatte)

Most definitely not soda blasted. Beadblasted for the most part to my knowledge. My dingo had no sodablast…

How old is it?