blasted finish terminology

what is the correct term of each of these non shiny finishes / what is most likely the blast medium used

Onedrop 1: heavier blast by onedrop

Onedrop 2:default mode, superficially similar Clyw 1

Onedrop 3: light matte

Clyw 1: similar to Onedrop 2 above

Clyw 2: marginally smoother than clyw 1 but less so than onedrop 3

YYF 1: standard budget finish

YYF 2: quite abrasive at first but becomes closer to clyw 2 after extensive wear

YYR: standard new yyr blast finish

C3: standard new c3 blast finish from pwave onward

2SYY/YYWS/some G2: standard heavy blast finish

One problem here is that the first step in anodizing is an acid etch. We have ZERO control over that and often it seems like anodizers don’t either. You’d be shocked at the difference between two anodizing batches that were supposed to be exactly the same.

I m matching the (intended) standard to the corresponding procedure, not standard and/or procedure to the range of possible outcomes. hope this clears up

I’m usually not too picky about blasted finishes, as long as it’s “grind-able”

Off the top of my head, the only one i know is that the markmont classic has a glass media blast and its fantastic. i think otherwise the standard OD finish is called pyramatte