Types of Anodization?

Hi everyone,

On Vendetta’s Not Fail Anodizing website, he says he can do Solid, Two-tone, Fade, Splash, “Drizzle”, “Splotch”, and Acid wash.

I know what solid, two-tone, fade, splash, and acid wash looks like, but what does drizzle and splotch look like?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you look in his gallery you will see examples of each. the drizzle is the thick stringy looking anodizing, splotch is just that, splotches of color

I’m pretty sure that this is splotch:

and this is drizzle:

Ok, thanks :smiley:

I wanted to know, just for…um…future refrence… :wink:

How do u do this?


And as an added note, Newbies United, those aren’t really ‘types’ of anodizing. The types are I, II, and III. Those yo-yos are all anodized using type II. It is only the dyeing of the yo-yo after anodizing that is different.