Splash/Acid Wash?

How can i Make my yoyo color an acid wash or put a splash effect on it?

im not sure how to do a splash but i know that acid wash is when you put bleach on a freshly anodized yoyo

Wats anodized?

Annodization- When you use electricity to make the color of an yoyo go in.

Splash is when the yoyo is dyed one color, say red. Then it is masked with some kind of masking, like a special glue. For splashes, that is just “shot” at the yoyo. Drips are when the masking is dripped over the yoyo… Then the yoyo is reannodized, another color, say green. The end result, after the masking is taken off, is a green yoyo with red “splash”.

Notfailannodizing.com has good examples.

How to u do this?

Oh the horrifying misinformation. Let’s get started.

syna7x94, if the yo-yo you want to have a splash or acid wash look to is and aluminum yo-yo, you should not try to do it. Anodizing isn’t the safest thing that’s for sure. If it is plastic, you are in luck. Splashes are easy to do on plastic.

A-Bomm97, to some extent yes. The basic idea is you have a solution of water and an acid that are not mixed thoroughly. Where the acid is less diluted it will eat more dye, where it is more diluted it will eat less dye. Then you re-dye if it pleases you.

Batryn, that is a terrible definition of anodizing. Anodizing is the process by which an oxide layer is grown partially into and partially out of the surface of a metal such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and the like. In aluminum the oxide layer is of a light gray tint. It also happens to be porous which allows it to be dyed.


For splashes what happens is the yo-yo is anodized in the same way you would anodize it for acid washes, fades, and single colors. Then, it is dyed color A the a masking agent is used. It has been said the CLYW uses rubber cement. After that a solution is used to pull the dye out of the pores that are exposed. Then the yo-yo is re-dyed, not re-anodized but re-dyed. The pores are still there, trying to anodize it wont do anything. Afterward, you merely remove the masking agent and seal the pores.

piggybrian, you do not do this. You let those who have experience with it do it. It is not a safe process by any means and it can become more dangerous depending on who is doing it.


I thought you do use electricity. And the dye does go in the pores right… or am I wrong?

Yes, acid and electricity are used in anodizing. I never said otherwise.

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thx for the info mcrja i was trying to do splash on my 888 but ended up with drip :-\ ;D so i satinized it again and got to start all over

There is a button for that.

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oh wow didnt notice :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: sry and thx again

Thnks alot, thats sounds like its hard