Who all has Pre-Pro Majesties?

I just bought a Pre-Pro Majesty and was wondering what the few people have think of it?
Im so excited ;D Haha I think I’m going to get it blasted my Mullicabob and then get England to ano it half clear half green with purple splash. Or find someone to Nickelplate it. Oh and how does the extra weight play? Do you like it better or worse than the Majest v1?

I dont see why a whole topic had to be made about this, considering the small amount that were sold. But to answer your question, its pretty much the exact same as the 7075 but less hallow feeling. Otherwise they are exactly the same to me, from the limited play time Ive had with this newer run. My brother got it a couple days ago… Its really pretty. I have a pic up in the official General Yo topic.

I got one, going to bead last it if I have time and if it works on my burnside, never tried before. I may do orders soon

lol your topics are just random posts about random subjects.

Well… God Bless - Moefv

I dont think really supposed to make it to public that you got that from Ernie. Especially because YYE sells general yo.

your point is :wink: isn’t that what the forum is about ? :slight_smile:

Some folks got it at a recent contest I believe

Aren’t they all?

Dxl meet to be exact.