A visit from General Yo... and a proto pic!


So Ernie from General Yo and Kathie stopped in to my restaurant tonight during their annual trip to Michigan. This is the third trip in to my place for them. We did some yoyoing, talked a bit about yoyos and other things. He also brought me one of his newest creations… The Majesty.

It’s 7075 aluminum and from the little time I’ve had to throw it seems to be quite the player. It would appear that Ernie has hit another home run. (lets just hope Sandoval doesn’t hit anymore… :))

I asked him if I could take a pic and post it and he said “sure thing”. So… here ya go:

(SR) #2

Soon this will be mine.
I need one of these things.


Looks Chief-esque. Might make it on my wants list.


That looks beautiful I want that yoyo


So much hype about this beauty, I wouldn’t mind at least trying a General Yo throw. ::slight_smile:


How does it stack up against the KLR? The KLR just didn’t do it for me, but the Majesty looks promising?

I have to take a trip down to your restaurant sometime. I live in Northern Michigan (Cadillac, to be exact).


Awesome! Ernie is such a cool guy! I am also waiting to get mine through the mail! God Bless - Moefv


That looks AWESOME!!! WOW… I love the KLR… This will be fantastic!!

(Owen) #9

I would have tried it, because he was at Plymouth Yoyo Club, but I missed tonight.

I really wish I could have met Ernie. And plus he was selling the protos, so I could have braged about it to you guys too :wink:

And hey Vegabomb I’m really gonna have to go to your restaurante time, Im from Plymouth BTW.

And YOU should go to Yoyo club some time!


Haven’t had enough time to play it yet. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I get some more time with it. And yea, definitely stop by if you’re in the area. :slight_smile:

Yea, he and Kathie left my place and went directly to the Plymouth YoYo Club. The original plan was I was going to go with them. My restaurant is a sports bar/restaurant though so with the Tigers Series game I thought I should stay at work. I’ll make it out one of these Thursdays though.

(Alex Fairhurst) #11

The catch zone looks very YYR. I like YYR.

Do we have any info on specs?


It’s a prototype so I believe the specs will change a bit. I’m sure Ernie will post specs when finalized.


final production
66.9 gr
55.2 dia
43.3 wide
4.6 gap

That was taken from the General Yo website…


Honestly…looks like everything else.

What ever happened to thinking “wow” the first time you saw something.

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I don’t know but that’s what I think about every yoyo


I would have like to have seen another organic shape, General Yo’s always hit it in the sweet spot for me when they do Organics.


I’ve loved just about everything General Yo has made. After having some time to use it this yo-yo, in my opinion, has raised the bar General Yo had set for itself. “Gen Yo” smooth, very comfortable shape and a nice size. I can’t wait for the full run to be released so I can have one to carry around. (the collector in me prefers not to smack this one on anything :))

Edit - In reading this post I guess I didn’t really answer your question.

I think I get what you mean about the KLR. I kinda feel the same. This one is light years ahead of it in my opinion. Stop by my bar and I’ll let ya give it a try. :slight_smile:


The majesty IMO is super. I have had a chance to play it for a while now and I must say it goes far and above what I love in a throw. I on the other hand also loved the KLR so its hard for me to say I like one better then the other. I will say that while playing the majesty I have grown to love the comfortable feel of it and its play is just dead on. As for the current specs,I think they are right where they need to be. I’d just leave it at this and say, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of generals throws as I like them all. But the majesty definetly has that something special that will keep you grabbing for it time and time again. Can’t wait to see this thing with some color on it. I truly don’t want to miss out on one that’s for sure.


Haha awesome. Thanks. Do you have any idea on a release date?


I loved the KLR shape but it seems to lack spin time and overall a bit in playability, stacking up against say, a Code 2. The majesty looks amazing though.