General-Yo KLR

A while back, I had a General-Yo Hatrick. It was incredibly smooth and grinded like some kinda grinder–like, a meat grinder or an angle grinder or something. However, it wasn’t perfect for me. The wall was higher than Bob Marley on his days off. And though it was about average weight, it felt a little hollow to me. Just didn’t do it for me, despite being the smoothest yoyo and best grinder I’d ever tried.

I had similar issues with most of General-Yo’s line: that high-wall treatment just bummed me out. I knew the build quality was so amazing, so I was always waiting for them to come out with that yoyo that’d wow me. The Entheos looked a little better, but still the wall’s too high for me. Why am I making such a big deal out of the wall? Well, look at all the best competition yoyos: Code 2, YYR Stuff, SPYY Pro, and so on… they all have a more extreme shape with ultra low walls. And they play amazingly. High-walled yoyos, on the other hand, are great for beginning and intermediate players, because they tend to correct a bad throw. A.k.a., they suck for horizontal and aren’t built for competition performance at all.

One day, I saw the first pictures of the KLR prototype and right away it blew my mind. I was giddy. Finally, General-Yo’s famous quality being put to use on a yoyo that actually looked like a beast. Everyone else was drooling over them too. They just looked perfect in every possible way.

Well, I finally got one in the mail yesterday. It is labeled a B-grade, but I have no clue why. It’s dead smooth and I can’t find any anno flaws. However, maybe it isn’t quite as glass smooth as General-Yo can do, so that could be why it’s a B-grade. All I can say is WOW, because if this is their B-grade, their A-grade must be smoother than Lenny Kravitz after bathing in milk and squeezing into a skin-tight latex body suit.

How does it play? - Solid as an oak tree, sweet as maple syrup, and it spins like a rapper’s rims–that is to say, almost perpetually. It feels a little heavy for my taste, but then again, I’m working on bringing the world the lightest high-end yoyo right now, so that qualifies me as someone who is a wussy about yoyos being too heavy. It really isn’t any heavier than an average yoyo. It looks beautiful, grinds well and it can handle just about anything, whether that be a trip to the grocery store or a climb up Mt. Everest. Right now, with full-height hat pads it, it can be a little grippy/over-responsive. But I’m sure with a recessed silicone job, this thing’ll be utterly amazing in performance.

Should you get it?
- YES! It’s got all the quality of any General-Yo product, and finally in a shape built for competition-level play. It’s just as good as any of the other yoyos in this class, and being a General-Yo just puts it at that next level.

Thanks Ernest Kaiser!
- you really hit it out of the park. Not bad, not bad at all. Keep it up!

P.S. If you have any questions about the KLR, feel free to ask and I’ll answer. Thanks.

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Good to see a review on this. A nice honest one at that. It’s by far my favorite throw… so so so good.

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I finally got to order one today, though I missed out on the Bad Ass edition. I’m having it shipped to my work so I don’t have to think about it all day, sitting on my doorstep…calling to me…

Hey!!! I thought my review was pretty darn honest. ;D

The KLR is pretty much the best yoyo Ernie has come out with. It even beats the 5-Star v2, my old favorite General-Yo.

Anyone know what the KLR stands for?

Its the initals of the three people who have been working on it, something like that!

Anyways, as far as i know, its pronounced “killer”

I agree that this is the best General Yo to day. Just the weight placement alone makes this a joy to play. The KLR stands for Kaiser, Lee, Reed

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I loved your review too! It’s what made me REALLY want one. Now I’m the proud owner of two. Their my babies. ::slight_smile:

The KLR is the absolute best yo-yo I have ever thrown…and I have thrown a lot of great yo-yos. Perfect weight distribution for long spins, effortless play, and great stability. Perfect size and finish for chopsticks moves. Ernie has outdone himself on this one.

Glenn Godsey


So when are we going to see a Glenn Godsey signature General-Yo? ;D

Well, Chris, I am the least qualified yo-yoer on the team. True, I have thrown off and on for almost 70 years, but the other team guys can play circles around me. In fact, most of the people on this forum can play circles around me. I am no champion, although I do have a bunch of moth-eaten Duncan badges, patches, and a sweater that I won between 1947 and 1955. Mostly, I just do do a few easy-going combos that humorously illustrate the history and the bliss of the yo-yo. I throw for bliss and meditation and get a few smiles from audiences.

I am just hugely honored that Ernie asked me to be a part of his team. It is one of the high points of my life. But thanks for the thought, Chris.

Glenn Godsey

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You and I throw for similar reasons. I throw to relax. My wife calls all my yo-yos Xanax on a string. :slight_smile: I know I am never going to be at a level needed to compete, nor do I ever want to be. I throw for myself and for my students who think it is cool that their teacher keeps a yo-yo on his desk.

That being said, don’t sell yourself short. You were asked on the team for a reason, that alone means you are worthy of a signature yo-yo. And, it also makes me curious as to what you and Ernie would design.

Nice throw. Ultra silky blast on the new run… reminds me of the 5*v2 surface. Slight vibe on comp grade, nothing too bad, smooths out at low rpms, somewhat tuneable. Play is spot on. Not the biggest fan of hat pads, but they are breaking in nicely on this one. Definitely worth the price, I’d buy it again.

Well, I’ll leave the designing to Ernie. He has proven over and over that he is the expert. But, if I were to design a yo-yo, it would be very much like the KLR. It amazes me. I think that the Yoyo-Recreation Sleipnir is one of the best ever, but it is a little too large for some of my favorite moves. The KLR has surpassed the stability, spin, and play of the Sleipnir, IMHO… and it is the perfect size for all of my tricks. :slight_smile:

Glenn Godsey

They got to make more of them! I want one so bad