General Yo KLR: A High Speed YoYo Review

It is funny how yoyo companies put so much undo stress on themselves. Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet to quite a few owners and the ones I have talked to place extremely high demands on themselves and their products, so much so that they end up with “Not Quite Production” ready products… B-Grades. The crazy thing is that most of these NQP products end up playing flawlessly. My personal favorite NQP was a yoyo that had anodizing flaws in the pad recess. You read that correctly, it was sold at a drastically reduced rate because there was an ano flaw on a part of the yo-yo what would never see the light of day under normal use. The reason why I am talking about this is because the initial, limited run of General Yo’s newest, the KLR, is considered “Competition Grade”. Ernie explained to me that “Competition Grade” is the new term he will be using for his yo-yos that he feels are not up to his standards and is killing off the “B” and “Plus” Grades. His reasoning for giving the first run of KLRs this grade is that some of them might have a slight vibe but he still wanted to get them into his team members’ hands. Personally I take his talking about vibe with a grain of salt, Ernie’s litmus test for vibe is the original Torrent… the yo-yo that basically defined smooth several years back and is still used as the bar by which all others are compared to this day. Well, enough talking about vibe and the various grades of products. It is time to dig into the KLR designed by Ernie Kaiser with input from General Yo team members Alex Lee and James Reed.

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Very nice review of a great playing yoyo, Chris!

Wonderful review! Totally agree about the KLR… fantastic yoyo.

The KLR has quickly become my favorite throw. I can’t put it down.

Glenn Godsey

Fantastic review. Every time I read one of your reviews it makes me want to get the yoyo even more than i wanted it before.

I really don’t think enough could be said to stress what a flagship yoyo the General Yo KLR is for the yoyo community. It is absolutely the top for competition play…the shape and thought devotion to weight distribution is spot on. The high rpm plus the high stability play of this yoyo makes it a notch above everything else I’ve played. It is extremely hard to put down!

Man, I completely agree with every word of this…“a notch above everything else I’ve played.” I don’t think it is getting the accolades it deserves because there are not many KLR’s available. It is an astonishingly great yo-yo and when enough people get to throw it, there will be lots of rave reviews.

Glenn Godsey

Precisely, it would be a damn shame for this yo-yo to only get such a limited release. I was not kidding when I said it was my favorite General Yo. It has performance for days while being wrapped in an incredibly comfortable package.

I don’t care how or what Ernie says about his yoyo’s, that man is gifted and he produces the best performing yoyo on the market and always has! Vibe or no vibe-I think Ernie’s vibe is far less than an ‘A’ grade throw from any other manufacturer! :wink:

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I don’t feel or see any vibe at all in my KLR. I have thrown most of the best competition yoyos in the world and the KLR seems to be as smooth as any of them and, IMHO, it is the best throw of all of them.

Glenn Godsey


A second release is in the works. Just about done being machined.