Just Some Tricks - Ft. the General Yo KLR

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Thanks to General Yo for featuring this on their Facebook Page!

Now you guys can see my skillzzzz. Tell me how you guys like it. Comments/questions/criticism appreciated!


Nice man! Also, that’s a sexy pool table ;D.

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Thanks man!

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Bump for an awesome yoyo!


Nice tricks. :slight_smile:

Finally got myself a KLR, it’s amazing.

(SR) #6

Yes it is indeed! What kind did you get?


Just picked up an all-purple b-grade. And still the smoothest throw I own.

(SR) #8

Dude seriously his B-Grades are pretty much a-grades. I wanted one of those blasted ones, they are SO nice. And yeah it’s the smoothest one he’s made so far I think.

You should make a video with yours!


Nice, I love your style very smooth and to the point. Keep up the good work!


I peeped it a couple days ago on Youtube and commented. Nice pace with the music. 8) Keep 'em coming!

By the way, I have the KLR Comp grade all blue blasted…very nice yo-yo indeed.