Did the YYE shop restock KLR's

Did they? Cause I’ve seen people talking about buying a KLR and I think I missed out :confused:

Is a KLR freestyle different then just a KLR? Or same thing?

They restocked one, and I bought it. It should come tomorrow. ;D

Yeah, I think he got the last one. Hm, you get a KLR on my birthday… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just traded and aquired a 1 of 2 special KLR that’s what the box says and it’s also signed by Ernie. But that’s cool you got a KLR, that’s a nice come up

They probably found an extra during inventory.

Yes, that is what I thought. Can’t wait till’ it comes. :smiley:

Here’s my first general yo throw, I got it in a trade and I love it. I would prolly trade big for a majesty just Because of how much I like the KLR. Is there a diff between KLR freestyle and KLR?

Freestyle is basically a B grade.

Nope. They called it the “KLR Freestyle” because it was a good yoyo to use when competing, when doing a freestyle. Competition grade is what you’re thinking of. Comp. grade is a b grade.

Oops, thanks for catching that for me.

Actually “B-Grade” is B-Grade. I have a KLR B-Grade and it’s engraved with a “B”. Plays fantastic and as smooth as an A-Grade from most other manufacturers.