releasing in an hour! ;D

Thanks for letting us know…although I may not be able to get one. :frowning:

same…saving for mwrs.

I COULD get it, I’d like to, but with the recent spending I’ve done at YYE, I gotta give my bank account a rest. I’m already having to buy more cases to cram stuff into.

Too bad. I can tell from the shape I would really enjoy this one. I have an Essence, I’m pleased. But the KLR, wow, looks amazing and it’s the shape I really like. I may have to do something stupid…

dat streak.

Those went fast.

OMG… Gone at 10:01.

Got an all green one.

^^ The stripes were a remake of the custom 5* run we did way back at our 2nd release.

Crazy fast. How many were there?

Only 15.

I’m glad I got a Pre-Pro haha! Those were sold out fast!!! God Bless - Moefv

Got a green competition one, which was what I was after. Man, just when I was enjoying the Essence I recently got, this comes along in a shape I typically go nuts for. This is gonna be great!

OK, so scored an AC, Sky Walker and the KLR at the YYE buying frenzies… wow, luck must be on my side!