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Anyone picking up a Prestige at the Nationals ? Or plan to pick one up at YYE when they get released?

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I got in for two. These are awesome (and will try to get a 3rd). Such and awesome yoyo!


I adore the Majesty, and enjoy the Model10 a lot too. I would love to pick up a Prestige, but I will not be at Nationals, and it is unlikely I will be able to get one in the YYE release - they always go so insanely fast, and rightly so. But I will pick one up as soon as I can. And the promo vid is aces!


I will have one soon!! I had a chance to play it yesterday and I have to say it is one heck of a player!!! I was very impressed!! I had a chance to see all the colors as well and they all look excellent!!


Things at YYE will probably be a bit different with the Prestige. There will be more to go around than there were with the past few models. Keep an eye out, as getting one might be easier than you think. :wink:


feel free to mail me one! I would rather not fly across the country to buy a yoyo just yet.


I plan on picking up another at nationals. They’re too good to not have doubles.


Or triples hehe


I’ve got the blue mist, I’m planning on grabbing 2 orange boos and a purple sage bringing me up to 4 in total. Sometimes you REALLY like a yoyo.


Is it general yos best throw ever or is this all hype…


It is an excellent yoyo yes. The best, well that is subjective… I think the KLR, Majesty, M10 and now Prestige are all excellent top notch competition worthy throws. Each one is a bit different than that last. No one is better or worse. It very well may end up beeing many throwers favorite General Yo but that does not necessarily make it the best…


For me it was my love for General-Yo before I knew hype was a bad word… This yoyo is amazing buy it or don’t but that won’t stop me from loading up!


You know I’m no stranger to doubles and multiples. :wink: And, I will be getting one of these, for sure. But, I know it’s a bad idea for me to load up until I’ve played it and know for sure that I love it. If I love it, it could end up with a twin, so this could be dangerous. :slight_smile:


If you don’t like it I will understand, but if you like it and don’t buy 3 I will be shocked hehehe.


Awaiting my Prestige. Always been a General-Yo fan! God Bless - Moefv


I want a prestige real bad thank goodness my parents will buy it for me!


I shall try to get one.

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Already have one but am definitely considering getting another. Best General Yo to date. For everyone going to Nationals, if you’re going to buy a yoyo, this yoyo is what you want.

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You know… there is that Prestige Instagram video contest you can enter to win a Prestige. :wink:


^ his video featuring the Prestige is downright amazing. It literally gave me goosebumps.

We all know I’m a Genyo fan… the Prestige releases on my birthday, so I’ll probably pick up a second one. :smiley: