White Plastic Counterweight Balls

Hey guys. Im starting to really dig 5A, and i wanted to know where everyone gets the white plastic balls. Is it just the spin top button painted white? Or is there somewhere I could buy them? Ther show up good on camera and just seem like the best option.

Play YoYo Everyday.


Ooh, that reminds me to order one of the YYF ones for my 5A stuff.

You go to a bead store and buy something pre-made or paint it. Lots of options. But since you say it looks nice on camera, that’s probably why everyone is going for those.

not really sure what you’re talking about, but I also don’t watch too many 5a videos.
you can probably do what studio said and get some at a bead store. Not sure how heavy those are, but they might work.

Check your pm. I included a link where I get all of my counterweight materials, which are white plastic balls.

Thanks to everyone!