white northstar

does the whit northstar get dirty easily because its white

It get’s as dirty as any other yoyo, you just see it more, plus this shouldn’t be a problem if you wash your hands.

Any yoyo will get dirty. Dip a yoyo in mud, it’s dirty. Dip a white Northstar it’s dirty. But I have never had a yoyo “that” dirty. The most would be rubbing hands on cheetos then playing yoyo.

But it’s fine, wipe it off.

If you get an orange Northstar you can eat Cheetos and you don’t have to wash your hands!

Haha, nice joke. But if your hands get oilly or dirty, playing a yoyo isn’t really a good choice. It may even potentionally harm your yoyo.

i always wash my hands before i yoyo but i mean will it get like black marks if it hits the floor by accident

Depends if the surface is black.

Wooden floor and grass and carpaet thats what i usually play over whst do u guys think

If you drop it you might see some dirt and grass stains…but u could just wipe them off wit a moist napkin

Thanks bu do u hink i should get a differeny color to avoid this dven tho i want whie and red

If you want white. Then get white. The point everyone is trying to get across is that all yoyo’s can, may, and will get dirty. Just take care of it like you would any other throw and you’ll be ok. My black yoyo has gotten dirty so color doesnt really matter.

Thank you guys i just odered it ur a big help

hey everyone, i didn’t want to make another topic, i was wondering if the axle on the northstar or protostar was removable, thanks for the help

Well you really should’ve made a thread in the Modification/Maintenance board.

And to remove an axle, here: (Yes, jasonwongzero, I copied this for you)

"The absolute best way to remove a stuck axle with minimal damage to the axle, in my experience is to do the following:

  1. Pick up two nuts that will thread on to the axle. On most yoyos, YYF included, this is an M4x0.7 nut. You can find these at Home Depot, OSH, etc. It’ll cost you about $2.
  2. Thread one nut halfway down the stuck axle.
  3. Thread the second nut down the stuck axle until it sits just on top of the first nut.
  4. Grab the first nut, the one closest to the yoyo with a set of needle nose pliers. Do not grab the top nut.
  5. Turn. The bottom nut will push against the top nut and allow you to remove the axle.

The big benefit to this method is that you don’t risk either bending or stripping the threads on the axle by gripping it with pliers. I’ve used this successfully on axles which would otherwise be impossible to remove."


Yeah, that’s one of the best ways. And if you still didn’t notice, Jason wrote that, not me. Just said it for him hehe.

Actually theres an alan key hole in the protostars axle but if that is facing inwards when you unscrew it use skeleton’s method. Just remember: don’t tighten the axle or you will have a hole in your cap (I learned that the hard way).