Cleaning up a used Northstar

Hey everybody,

just got my Northstar white/red after searching for it a loooong time…but right in the thrid throw it hit my wooden desk…now there’s a black mark at the edge…very unlucky… :-\

My question is if it’s possible to get it white again? Any paint or something like that to get it back in the old condition?

I would buy a new one…but I think I will never ever find a white/red Northstar again. :’(

Would be sooooo great if anybody knows anything about it.

A friend had a black mark on his white FHZ or maybe it was a ProZ. Anyhow, I rubbed it out with a small square piece of felt I carry around. Only took a few seconds.

If you want to, you can use a glass cleaner as well. It will take a little bit of work but it shouldn’t be a major effort.

okay, I’ll try it, thanks !