anybody ever....?

i just got my first fhz. i like it. a lot. at least until my m1 gets here. however i think the fhz would be a great carry around yoyo but i don’t like the idea of changing stickers all the time so im wondering-- has anyone tried the dot brake mod? does it work? (i dont have the tools or experience to create a proper silicon recess.)

bonus round: one of the caps on the fhz is loose and rattles. is there a way to fix that without permanently attaching to the yoyo?

Well you can put clear lacquer where the cap meats the yo yo. That’s what I did for my DM, you can’t really see it and it works great. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I have played one like this, they are great. You can pick up silicone in a hardware store.

thanks guys!