fhz dot brake mod

i’ve posted around asking about this mod after hearing it described and no one seemed to know what i was talking about. so, being the brave soul i am (did i say brave? i meant stupid!), i decided to just go ahead and try it. it’s pretty self-explanatory.

i’m still a noob to yoyoing and i can play with this yoyo no problems. it’s smooth and binds tight.

:o looks cool. Nice job man!!


No prob. :wink:

Thats pretty cool! nice job! i was thinkin about buying a FHZ once…i got a raider instead…slaps oneself in forehead with palm

They have them at Toys r Us now.

How did you do it? I’d love to try it :wink:

They don’t have FHZ’s at TRU.

Ya, they have Freehand 2’s

Fail me.

Some sort of Freehands.

you just drill a series of holes around the bearing seat (or whatever you call that area of the yoyo) and fill them with silicone.  be careful not to drill all the way through.  just go deep enough that the silicone won’t fall out.  i think i used a 1/8" drill bit.

the silicone is applied like the guy does it in this video (this video inspired me to want to mod my fhz and another post from long ago gave me the idea for the dot brake mod)