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Gerard’s tuts are amazing helps me all the time! But you could just work on your throw. And assuming your using the DM cause its your favorite yoyo, do you have the rubber o-ring in or have you got the silicon from this site? If the rubber o-ring it could just be the rubber is slowing it down I had that problem a lot with my x-convict until I went to silicon.

Yeah, you really just have to work on your throw. You also have to make sure that the yoyo doesn’t bump into any of the strings while it is coming out of the triangle.


You really don’t need to get rid of the o-ring.

You have to remember this trick was created on a responsive yoyo. If you can’t do it on an unresponsive yoyo with o-rings, it’s you, not the yoyo.


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It was? I didn’t know that.

It sounds like you need to work on your throw. When you get a good throw, you won’t need to worry about it dying during the trick.
The too short part - it sounds like when you pop it out, the string is sliding around your finger. try to get some tension on that string so that it can’t slide around much.

That really got me thinking… Wow Paul Escolar is reaaaaaallyyy good…

If you can do these tricks on an unresponsive yoyo, you should be able to do it responsive…

If you can’t, I really suggest playing responsive for a while. It will up your smoothness tenfold.