whip moves

these tricks are in their own league as far as difficultly goes…I cant really slow down to see whats going on so I’m just going to keep whipping away!!! (and tossing strings that get too many knots in them haha) but man my arm is getting sore from the whipping motions

I love whip tricks. They are really hard though

Although most don’t agree with me. Whips are identical to slacks, except whips have a longer way to get to the gap of the yoyo.

Also, WHIPS ARE AWESOME, but for the first week of learning a new whip, you will hate it more than… something you really hate.

Also (Again), whips can’t be described in a tutorial. When I learned how to do jade whip (Which took me a solid month to get them down flawlessly) I experienced what it was like to cry when you can’t get a yo-yo trick.

Last of all: If you have the whip loop open, and the Yo-Yo travels in between the two walls of the whip loop, and you drop the loop, you will get a knot. To not get a knot (teehee), you have to rotate your wrist so one of the walls goes into the gap of the yoyo, and the wall usually is the one on the right. So on the trick “follow” (Which I am very glad I learned) make sure you time the rhythm to keep the Yo-Yo and the loop separate.

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pwnage your words rang so true to me…I remember fits of seething rage as I would get knot after knot after knot trying to do plastic whip before I could do it the semi right way (it usually ends up in a reverse trapeze which is fine with me I use the trick to do one hand binds :p), I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind though.

(Not to offend any women out there) Assuming you’re a man scarecrow,

“Whips are a lot like women, a lot of them are really easy to get, but once you have them, they aren’t that good. The one’s that play hard to get are very rewarding once you get them, but you realize you wasted a life time to get it. There are no ones that play the in between.”

^But then there’s just that one whip that you just take long enough to get that you fall in love, but where the heck do I find a women like that.

it is supposed to end in a reverse trapeze that way you can bind. if it ends up in a braintwister mount, THEN you failed

it is supposed to end in a reverse trapeze that way you can bind. if it ends up in a braintwister mount, THEN you failed
bah!! you know what I mean, it usually hits into a brain twister mount…but like I said I really dont care to perfect the move as I only use it for one handed binds

P.S. I am a man btw…