Need help with Whip/Slack tricks.

So I know a few whips and slacks but I constantly have issues keeping the slack loops from wrapping around the yoyo and the rest of the string. Any tips?

Hard to say without a video or deeper explanation. The loops are formed by a whipping motion that I’ve found works for me with a mini-emulation of the shape it’s meant to take. I don’t mean let your hand do a huge loop for the string to follow, I mean that your whip motion should usually be a small arc so that the loop becomes an arc.

In some tricks this comes as a natural consequence of how your hand must move (for example, Jade Whip), but for others you may be tempted to go in a straight line when you shouldn’t.

For example, Plastic Whip. It’s a forgiving trick so you can often land it regardless, but I found that myself and 2 other yoyoers I know started off by whipping our throw hands “at” the yoyo. Over time, I realized that it’s more graceful as well as more effective whipping outward instead. The hand naturally comes down a bit from the motion of throwing outward, and the loop then goes… forward and down.

Ditto for Mach Whip; don’t just throw that string sideways, throw it up and sideways.

Not sure if that’s what you’re asking… take it for what it’s worth.