Plastic Whip Help

Any advice on how to land this trick? 9/10 time I land it backwards and I can’t stop landing it backwards. It looks like this when I do it…

It looks like your thumb is closer to you than your string finger. Don’t “unwhip” and bring your hand back to the original position. When you do the whip, you should rotate your hand forward with a nice follow through so that you bring your string finger under your thumb. Your string finger ends up closer to you than your thumb.

Big loop and a slow motion. As a slack beginner. (plastic whip, whip
To kamikaZe, and ninja vanish) I would say one tip is slow to the point where u can see the yoyo hit the loop. Like way slow and it’ll be much easier.

Make sure your string tension is neutral too. Not so critical with this trick, but might help while you’re working this out.

Nailed it after reading this, you were totally right! Thank you so much, just started throwing about a month ago. I was getting frustrated with this trick :slight_smile:

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I’ll apply this moving forward, slack tricks are my struggle right now. Usually going slow makes tricks harder for me but it does make sense for slack tricks. Thanks!