Been moving forward with whips pretty good lately, been working on the hook and can’t get anywhere near it. Any tips on how to create the 2 strings to wrap around your hand consistently??


Whip just behind the yoyo, then stick your finger across both strings as it comes around. Works best for me if I go as far as the wrist with my finger on the strings, as it creates that single loop to catch on the yoyo, instead of a tangled mess.


Awesome! I’ll try tonight for a bit, is this one of those moves hat should take a while to get down clean??


For me it took a while to get them consistent. It took forever to understand how to actually do the trick :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s different for different people. I got it down pretty quickly but that might’ve been because I was already familiar with some other whip tricks.

If this is your first whip trick it might take a little practice, but honestly, hook is one of the easiest whip tricks.

A big issue with learning whip tricks in my opinion is it’s hard to understand what’s going on sometimes and if you try to learn it without understanding it it’s a lot more difficult. So what I do whenever I learn a new whip trick i don’t understand is I hold the yoyo in my hand and just whip the string and try to figure out what’s going on.


I’m at like 8 out of 10 landing ninja varnish and like 9 out of 10 whip kamikaze. Wrist whip and plastic whip no problems


I honestly think hook is easier than ninja vanish and plastic whip and about as difficult as wrist whip lol


Well damn, hook seems hard but it seems like a great way to change direction and looks great


I can vanish and plastic whip, but I still don’t have hook down…


Hook just isn’t clicking so I moved on and will come back


I’m relatively new back at it (after 25+ years “off”), but I have more difficult time with Ninja Vanish than Hook. I’m at the point where I find it’s easier to use the Hook as way to a bind than actually using a bind. When I do it, I make sure my NTH is about an inch to the side of the yo-yo and follows it’s travel while actually whipping. When learning, I also had to over exaggerate every motion to land it.


Throw a trapeze close to your non throw hand. Pinch it there. Then practice throwing the slack around. You’ll see how the string moves similar to the hook. This may help. When I throw a hook, I throw my slack further back. Almost to my wrist. This opens the slack up a lot. Which made it more consistent. Pinching the trapeze and throwing that slack gives you a good feel for where to throw it for a hook. Don’t give up. You can get it down.


I think hook is much easier than ninja vanish as well. Not sure why hook gives some people more trouble, maybe they don’t understand how the trick is supposed to work? I find that’s an issue with a lot of laceration tricks, people try to learn it but don’t really understand what’s really going on or what’s supposed to be happening.


I’m sure I have no idea what is supposed to be happening :smiley:


Mr. Yoyothrower has a video that explains the hook to a t. I ysed his tips to clean up my hooks. The key is to wait until the yoyo nearly stalls, right before its apex, then push your nth pointer down on top of both strings (on nth side) at once. It makes the loop that is catching become more distinguished than the normal mess you receive at lower heights when just using the finger and not the wrist with it. From here, just play with which section the loop hooks on the yoyo (back,front), to hook how you like; one hooks into a trap after the roll, then the other does the “correct” hook, making the dismount pull the string out the front of the yoyo and back around (it is a normal undermount bind before the dismount). Hope this helps. Good luck.



Wow. That tut helped.
I can occasionally rarely hit it every once in a while now!


Glad that helped. He is so good at tuts. I used his tips to learn a lot, especially magic drop.
That is the best feeling when you hit it the first time. Fun trick that even the hooks where triangles accidently happen can be used to make bigger triangles. I love yoyoing this way. Failure leads to a different success. :slight_smile:
Have fun guys!



cant find the link on his youtube channel…can you post when you get a min pls?


Here you go man. It is a mobile link, sorry for that. It is in his level 2 series.

Good luck.