Which yoyos fit these preferences?

small bearing

Or just any combination of those. I’ve browsed around and haven’t come up with too many that fit them perfectly. (except the Hectic, which I have) I’m interested in the skyline, the Bassalope, and possibly a G.5 but I haven’t heard much about that and I’m not sure how small it is. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Small Bearing Skylines are great.

G.5 is puny, I don’t reccomend it. The Hectic will fit your preferences best, just keep that, there won’t be much small bearing, undersized, H-Shape yoyos. The Skyline comes in Small bearing sometimes, if you can find one, get that.

If you don’t mind a light yo-yo, a small bearing Skyline would be a good choice. The BBYY Wedgie is also awesome, but it’s not H-Shaped. If you don’t mind not having an H-Shaped yo-yo, I would definitely look into it.

The G.5 might be a little too small. I don’t think it was really meant to be a serious player, just smething to mess around with.

Small Bearing 888. Its got a slight H-Shape, is small bearing (hence the name) and is undersized. Skyline is a good call as well.

Yeah, I’d recommend a Skyline or Hectic.

It just depends on your price range.