Which undersized/H-shape/small bearing?

Yep, those are my preferences. I tend to love yoyos that have any of those things, but when they’re combined it’s perfect for me. What are some of the must have yoyos that fit either of these or more than one of these categories? I prefer the Hectic myself.

I’m thinking Skyline.

Yeah, the skylines look fantastic, but I want a small bearing version and they don’t come up too often. When they do, it’s usually a color I really don’t like and they’re expensive.

Yeah. Maybe like a Hectic? It’s kind of H-Shaped.

Already have one. :slight_smile:

One of the small bearing 888s?

thing is its rounded not h shaped.

Lunatic. There’s some silver small bearing ones somewhere. not quite H-shape, but small bearing and undersized.

EDIT: Nevermind. It is an H. And a pretty severe H at that.

The Lunatic looks really similar to the Hectic. I’m sure it’s great, but is it worth the cash for a yoyo that only plays slightly differently? Or does it play completely differently?

OK, I’ve narrowed it down to a few yoyos to make it somewhat easy on you guys…

Lunatic (small bearing), Dv888 (sb), Wedgie (really interested in this one), Protostar, Skyline (sb), Atmosphere, Tactic (sb), Campfire, M1,

Erm… I don’t know about the others… but M1 and campfire are totally different? They’re only undersized… but rounded ish and C sized bearing.

i would go lunatic from your standpoint but only you know what you really want