Which new yoyo?

It seems like there are a lot of good yoyos coming out soon such as the new YYF plastics, and the Boss/Genesis/C13 are already out. Other companies such as YYJ, CLYW, One Drop, and BBYY apparently have others in the works as well. I’m looking for something fairly affordable. Nothing more than $80 or so.

My preferences are:

  • small bearing
  • H-shape
  • under-sized
  • silicone response or accepts flowable silicone

I’m really interested in the Madhouse Unknown. The small bearing and great finish makes it really appealing to me, but it’s a little out of my price range. The Protostar has a nice H-shape and I’m leaning towards it at the moment I think. The Atmosphere appeared to be around the 50 mm mark and I love the feel of celcon. Will these be restocked? The Velocity has a small bearing and an H-shape, even looks like it has a textured finish for grinding like the PGM, is that accurate? Any other suggestions are appreciated.

If you can find a small bearing Skyline, that would be the best choice for you.

Yeah the Skyline looks great, but it’s tough to find the small bearing version and its a bit pricey. Was it discontinued? Any other suggestions?

As far as I know, the Atmosphere hasn’t been fully released yet.

Have you checked out a Hectic? That’s somewhat of an H shape.

Small bearing Hectic sounds good.

If you read my favorites, you’d know I already have a Hectic. It’s awesome but it and the skyline are the only yoyos I’ve found that meet my preferences.

Good to know that you do your favorites by what you’ve actually played, but too many people do it by just what they think looks good and have never tried.

In that case, I’m not really sure, besides the Skyline. I guess you could just wait until you find a yoyo you would want.

Yeah, the skyline does look great. Why is it that you don’t hear nearly as much about it as other YYF yoyos? (superstar, G5, 888, etc) Was it discontinued?

I hear about those all the time so I’m not sure why you don’t. I guess people are just keeping theirs? I don’t know.