Which Yoyos Come With Two Bearings


I was wondering if there was any way I could get a list of yoyos on the YYE Shop that have both a standard responsive bearing and a speed/less responsive. If anyone could point me the right way, that would be great. Thanks.

So far, these are what I have:
YYJ Legacy III
YYJ Dark Magic II
YYF 888x


888x, the One, and most of YYJs Hybrids.


YYJ Dark Magic 2 is definitely the most notable…

But there’s others like the YYJ Legacy, YYF ONE, and a lot of YYJ’s cheaper models


Flipside from Duncan comes with a large KK bearing and a smaller slimmer bearing.
You can flip the spacers around to change the bearing size


The other bearing is an A sized. They both work for unresponsive play.


A lot of yyjs


Aa7 hurrr hurrr. Hubstacked yoyos come with three bearings! Wow! What a deal!


The 4xl used to come with 4!


Can you give me a link to the One sold with two bearings?


Pretty sure the dv888 pack comes with both.



That YoYoFactory ONE Yo-Yo is pretty good with a fullsize bearing in it. You can Kamikaze and Spirit Bomb it, I can confirm that.

The Flipside is really good too, remember that you can get a YoYoFactory Whip with a Mod Spacer Kit or a CenterTracX also for under $20 I believe.