which yoyos better?

im goin with speedmaker

Wrong section, and it is al preference.

I agree should be general talk

This is a tough one. I’m going with Black Knight.

It’s all preference, but I voted for Black Knight.

black knight

None is better, the poll just shows what people like.

Also, please move this to the general section.

When Samad becomes moderator ;), he could move the topic or delete it. Until that happends ;), Dr.YoYo or Andre could take care of it.

But there would be no need for one of them to do that, seeing as how we can all move our own topics from section to section as needed.


Apetrunk is right, it is really easy to press a few buttons and ove the topic ourselves.

And what’s up with the winks?

I’m 13 years old. I doubt André is going to trust me to be a moderator.

Well you’re already a Forum eXpert. Besides, you’re so mature you act like an adult. You know, in a good way. :smiley:

Dark knight definitely.

I forgot,
who voted imperial???
and also I think samad will become a mod


This topic is pretty old. No need to keep posting in it.