The review thread!

Does anyone else notice that the review thread is FULL of post like "which yoyo is better,is this yoyo bad,yyf yoyo vs yyj yoyo.

Yeah I’ve noticed that too. It needs to be cleaned up but that takes a lot of time and there is only one active mod here. He can’t do it all.

I thought there were two? Jason and Chris. And then there is Andre.

I wouldn’t count Chris as a mod. He seems way to busy to take care of this place. Andre is always too busy with everything that can’t do it either. Jason is the only active mod here. He does what he can. He is in college so he has his school work to do.

Not to be pointing out certain people, but yoyo4show has made 5 or so threads like that.

lol, I probably I have like 5 threads too. ;D I’ll go delete them now.

Can I? I’ll check now.

Alot of the time I think that people are too lazy to put their post in the correct sections, but then alot of people are just curious and can’t decide on which yoyo to chose. Either way you can respond one of two ways ignore the post completly or try help the individual with their preferences and guide them to a yoyo that suits those preferences.

You are right. Problem is when the same person does it 10 times and that is after being told not to do it. That is when it gets annoying. I don’t mind helping someone find the right yoyo.

But some people have threads like
Then maverick vs. Speedmaker

Now thats just kinda annoying.

Yes it is. I think the reviews need to be redone to compare to know’n yoyo’s. I know most will be just a little different but they will always feel like something else.

I do alot behind the curtain, I just don’t post much.

We have a whole area dedicated to the “VS” threads. Every now and then JM and I will move stuff in mass over there.

The only reason I said that is because there is so many cases that people say things that need to be edited out and no one does it. Not taking away anything from you tough. I know you are a busy man.

Well, Can’t read them all. I highly depend on people reporting posts.
And I know it is not a dig Icthy. If anything, you would be a great addition to the Mod team