A new Board?

I’ve looked at the General Yo-Yo Board a lot(doesn’t everyone?), and I noticed that a large chunk of the posts consisted of “Which yo-yo is better?” and similar threads. Even the Reviews section has its share of these threads.

So I’ve been thinking; Shouldn’t there be a separate board for these threads? Since a lot of us don’t really wanna have clutter all around the General Board, then I really think this is necessary. Maybe it could be a child board of the Reviews section? What do you guys think?

There shouldn’t be a separate board for those threads. Those threads shouldn’t exist.

completely agree.
we all try to make everyone understand that those posts are unnecessary, and it gets a lot of people frustrated.
i believe if we made a seperate board, thn it is just saying it is ok.


Saying that might have been a bit harsh when I look back on it. When people are struggling with choosing a yoyo, they should post it in the general section or the review section and that seems to work fine. Threads or polls about “the best yoyo” shouldn’t exist. I don’t think we need another board yet though.

I agree. I will always say that there is nothing wrong with asking the forum community what yo-yo they would choose, and ask for a description of why. These inputs are ultimately what finalizes my yo-yo purchasing decisions.