Advice Forum...

Seems like the General forum is always at least a little bit cluttered up with “please help me pick a throw!” threads.

These follow the standard format nine times out of ten.

“Please help me pick!”

…is followed by one guy screaming about “personal preference” before someone else posts the unofficial questionnaire, and then a ton of “me too!” posts follow.

It’s ridiculous, but perhaps it can happen in it’s own forum?

I think this may tickle your fancy:

Is your fancy tickled, perhaps?

YoYoExpert Forums > YoYoExpert Forums > Yo-Yo Reviews > Looking for Help/Recommendation

That would be nice ;D

Look at the posts above you. We have it. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i know…

IT had never occurred tome to check under the reviews section. Maybe putting that particular section in the main listing?

That would be nice. ;D