Move uninformative or "bad" reviews to the general yo-yo forum?

Hey all! So I know it’s hard to write a set of rules on writing reviews. But I’ve noticed an increase in opinions in reviews, or very short reviews that say one thing about the yo-yo.

“Dark Magic II is the best yo-yo ever!”

I was wondering if the mods could start moving reviews like this to the general yo-yo forum, where it’s totally alright to appreciate or bash yo-yos. I feel the reviews section should be a place for more impartial statements.

Could this work? Could we write up some rules for reviews? What do you all think?

Why not simply have them deleted?

Calm down… It was 1 guy who was testing out posting a thread.

I find all reviews useless can we just get rid of them all?

Who do you propose to be the arbiter of quality in reviews?

Only liking yoyos I like.

If you go by my standard it will be easy. :wink: I know I am not helping huh? lol

There’s been a lot of crap-tacular reviews. I think “management” can make such determinations on the fly.

I rarely read the reviews anymore because there’s simply too many “non-useful” reviews on there. I’m all for people wanting to help and contribute, but if people would read the sticky’d guideline posting, it would help a lot.

Agreed. I feel that it’s pretty obvious to most any reader when a review is helpful or not. I don’t think they should all get deleted. I simply think they should be move to another section of the forum, and save the reviews section for high quality postings to make it easier for people to find what they need, rather than having to sift through “This yo-yo is crap!”

They already have the excellent guidelines. The rules could simply be “Follow at least 75% of the guidelines or your review will be moved.”

The issue though, of course, is that it will be mostly case by case, as writing up rules for a good review is very, very, hard. It’s an “I know it when I see it, but can’t define it.” The government has bumped into this issue many times when trying to define laws.

Perhaps it could just be stated that if your review is reported and the first Mod who looks at it doesn’t like it, he needs to get it seconded by another mod to have it removed or moved. That should prevent threads from falling through the cracks. And if one gets moved that shouldn’t the OP can report it and appeal the original decision if they feel it was unjustified.

Another option is to have someone who wants to take on the project collect good reviews and put them all in one place. Perhaps a stickied thread, or a blog, or website. I don’t have the time for it, but hopefully someone else out there does!