I am a big fan of this site, and I am a supporter of making yoyo reviews easily published, but I have noticed sloppy reviews on different yoyos in the store section. These reviews contain mispellings, are a few words long at best or contain none at all, and tell you nothing about the yoyo other then it is not horrible. There are quality reviews, but it can be irritating to see someone took 2 seconds to put in their email and name, than published poor work. Could a word count minimum be set in place to help reviews on the shop section become more meaningful?

Those really shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it can’t really be helped.

If you want actual reviews, look up the reviews on the forums or some on Youtube. Those tend to be a little better but there’s always going to be the bad reviews.

if you feel that there are too many crappy ones, step up, and create your own better ones to share. Its a give and take. And the more quality that gets put up, the better. But just sitting back waiting for someone else to do it, then complain about word count, grammer, etc, isnt doing anything other than coloring you in a less than attractive light. Be the better guy, and step up and take charge. You have the power to help make the world a better place. We do that by going hands on, not hands out.

How is anyone supposed to know what “are a a fews words long at best” is according to you? And why on earth would spelling bother you when you are under the same spell? Formatting? Paragraphs? Punctuation? thats all irrelevant to the info being given.

Look at it this way, if somebody slurrs their speech, has a lisp, or a stutter, you gonna call them out for not speaking perfect? No? Then why do that for written? If you get the gist, the message was conveyed, period.

Also, look at the “reviews and feedback” section of the forum for much better (usually) reviews. The new implanted reviews on the yoyos and such on the buy-site is still in its infancy.
Give it time to grow and build. In the mean time do your best to make it better, not ask others to do it for you.