I happened to notice the other day that there are depressingly few reviews on the yye site. They have a GREAT reviewing option and it only takes a few seconds to make a quick sentence on wether the yoyo is good or not.

I feel like people should make more quick reviews and take advantage of the great website option that YoYoExpert included. They made the feature, so why not use it?

It doesn’t have to be a long essay with detailed pictures or anything, but a few thoughts and a rating would be nice. I know I’ve reviewed all the yoyos I own.

Alright I’ll get off my soap box now.

I feel like the majority of people who use this sight aren’t regular buyers, aren’t active on the forums, or are parents buying their children something cool, which would explain the lack of reviews. (I don’t know how accurate that assumption is though.) Plus, I’m sure there’s even a bunch of us that are active on the forums who just don’t purchase yoyos very often.

It’s also easy to forget about making a review or not take the time after the yoyo arrives and you just wanna play with it ;D

I almost never buy yoyos new anymore. I think I bought 4 new ones this year (of course from yoyoexpert). I pretty much either buy used or trade (I think I’m nearing 60 different since February when I started using the bst). I could leave some basic reviews maybe on yoyos that I’ve owned. Can I do that even if I didn’t buy them on yoyoexpert?

^^^ Don’t do it…you could be arrested and thrown in jail for that kind of behavior. :frowning:

Of course, we welcome all reviews as long as you’ve spent some time playing with the yo-yo. It’s nice for people to see feedback and opinions from their fellow throwers!

Okay! :slight_smile: maybe over winter break here I could add a few reviews :wink:

I believe part of the reason is because most yoyos lately have been pretty much the same, they look similar each other, have similar quality, they are becoming more, uh, forgettable. Some do however make something new that leaves good impression, but that is only a small portion.
I feel like in the past there are less release at a given amount of time yet a lot more diversity between each designs, and difference in quality is noticeable.
I used to read reviews quite a lot, but now there is little reason to. Most yoyos released will almost always be good I stopped worrying.
Less people who want reviews, less reviews I guess.