Customer Reviews?!?

Sorry if someone already posted about this. (I don’t spend a lot of time on this side of the foums.) Anyway, I was thinking if yoyoexpert could have costomer reveiws, like on yoyonation. Under every yoyo, people can rate and share their thoughts about the yoyo. What do you think? ???

Would be pretty cool. Those pages do take up a lot of space how they are, but thats why some of us write reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thinking, though. :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right, but maybe people could just write comments or short summirized reviews in there? But the rating thing sounds cool to me, but unlike yyn, ratings should be locked from outsiders so only yye forum users can reveiw so outside people don’t rate a yoyo bad or good for no reason.

Yeah, that does sound pretty good. :slight_smile: