You should make the shop have ratings like 1 through 5 or something. Or maybe even a comments section where you can comment on the yoyo with your forum name.

I think both of those have been suggested before.

The rating could be exactly how one person thinks it should be, and it could also be biased and inaccurate for another person.

The commenting was a pretty good idea though. I don’t know what happened to it…well, at least we have the Reviews section on the forums, right?

I think the only way this could work is that YYE needs to come up on a number of “universal criteria” that people could vote on, then averaging those votes, and then using a different method, use the averages of the criteria votes to come up with an “overall rating”.

Users could then get up to 1000 characters to write a mini-review, but this would need to be moderated by administration.

it’s a nice concept, but I can’t really see these ratings being useful, seeing as how everything with yoyoing is opinionated. I love the jirorian, a lot of people who have thrown it weren’t that fond of it. I personally don’t like the FHZ that much, but there are a lot of people out there who love it.
Having ratings like speed, floatiness, etc. might be able to work, but one man’s fast and light might be another’s slow and heavy. (ie: I heard some people describe the psg as floaty, I would call it more of a rock on a string)

Reviews without ratings could work though. But those already exist, just not on the actual yoyo’s page.

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There is really no way to get an accurate rating on a yoyo unless it’s a yoyo that doesn’t even work. Then the store wouldn’t even sell it.

Case Closed…

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