Yo-yo rating system.

A system where people who buy yo-yos on the site would get an automated email two or three weeks after they receive them asking them to rate the yo-yo. Maybe also have a system where you can send in a picture of the yo-yo you own as proof that you own it and then be able to give it a rating.

Different categories such as: Overall rating, rating for 1A 2A 3A 4A and 5A, where applicable to the yo-yo player and yo-yo. Maybe ratings for smooth, stable, floaty, and whatever other traits they want.

What do you all think?

Sounds more like a nuisance to me.

I may type a lot of stuff daily, but I don’t want to be sent a notice “hey, why not rate the stuff you just bought”. I however don’t feel any obligation to anything that isn’t making me money.

As odd as it may seem, I may buy something and then not even get around to touching it for months.(In one case, 7 years, but that’s a totally different story and is NYYR). Since BAC, I haven’t been throwing as much but still buying so I don’t miss out on cool stuff. While all of it has been photographed, most of it has been barely played. I got 3 Speedaholics at Nationals. I haven’t played the yet. When I got a box from another online yoyo retailer, I didn’t even open it for 6 weeks, and at the same time, a box from YYE sat unopened next to it for over a month. So, it’s not unusual for me to get something and not mess with it for quite some time. Since yoyo is an optional/luxury item, I don’t need to “get to it” immediately.

I’d say refine this a bit. Have an optional check box that is not selected for “Review Reminder”. Some people may want this, so they have the option to not deal with it. Plus, on check-outs, such as with the recent mystery boxes, it’s another item that can slow down time-sensitive check-outs where timing is everything.

Perhaps instead, a review/rating system that requires proof of ownership. The flaw with this system is that it’s impossible to provide absolute proof you own it. You’d have to sort of "register’ your purchase and cross-reference to an invoice, but then that fails when you buy somewhere else. Then there would be hassles with BST transactions and people wanting to offer reviews and ratings.

I get enough nuisance emails daily. I don’t need more.

Too much trouble. People can just go to the review section of the site. Also poor ratings would hurt sales on YYE.

Give 5 people a yoyo and you’ll get 10 different opinions about it.

I like the idea. Why not anybody else?

YYN tried this and it was a nightmare. Granted some sort of proof would solve the biggest problem which was people posting reviews for things not released yet or to ask questions about it, but that would be a hassle. These forums do a pretty good job imo.

Because there’s no generally accepted standards to judge by. It’s all OPINION.

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Amazon asks for a rating and I am free to reply or not as I choose. I am also free to read and or ignore any rating I choose. A yoyo rating or opinion might of might not be helpful but it certainly will not hurt.

Product rating reviews on amazon and elsewhere are generally useless. For any given product they range from 5 stars to the biggest piece of crap ever offered for sale. And those that find a product lacking often do so for really stupid reasons that actually have no bearing on the product quality but they are still included in the rating scores. Likewise favorable ratings can be just as bogus.

Both my girlfriend and I are very happy with the amazon system. You simply need to know how to use it. It’s pretty easy to tell which reviews are not based on reality and which ones are. You also need to know that people will be more likely to leave a negative review over a positive one, so you just give a boost to the positive reviews. The system is extremely helpful.

Granted there are a few cases where a good product gets a bad rating, but I don’t think it would go the other way as like I said, people leave more negative reviews. I have no idea what the statistics are on this, but I would guess it’s a about one in fifty products that this happens with. And probably only in the first 100 reviews, and then beyond that it would likely balance out.

We currently have the reviews section. Maybe they could simply merge this section with the store and have reviews attached to their respective yo-yos.

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There are also FACTS about the yoyo. I guess you can’t seem to understand that. We could talk about the packaging, color,what the shape is good for, etc. And if opinions dont count to you, why should I make a thread asking for help? Your telling me not to at all because it is “useless”.

Facts are obvious to everyone, I understand that perfectly. They in fact have no bearing on how well it plays or the overall value (bang for the buck or “ratings”).

Respectfully, this statement makes no sense to me.

I think your opinion needs more explanation. While I think I understand your resistance to this idea; the reasons need to be more clearly stated or this thread ignored by YYE.

My two cents: This is a great idea for large-market items, such as those on Amazon, the system has potential for abuse in a market with relatively low numbers of both consumers and manufacturers. A few bad-eggs could seriously skew the ratings of an otherwise fine yoyo. Manufacturers could use the opposite tactic and give great reviews to a marginal yoyo. Without large numbers of consumers; ratings systems suffer by not being sampled from the Standard distribution that most people base their expectations on.

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You’ve explained it very well. My comment relates to the fact that the items he mentions, size, color etc have little if anything to do with the quality of the yoyo or how good" it is.

Here is what you could do:

Once about five people have bought one yoyo, YYE sends an email to those who purchased it an ask, from a 1 to 10 range (10 being best), what they would rank the yoyo. Then, you find the average and post that on the site.

The only problem is, people look at yoyos differently than others. For example, someone may really like undersized and rank a Token as a 10. I, on the other hand, don’t really care for undersized (I do have a Token though) so I would say about 4. This would throw the average off a bit.

I, honestly, love the idea for a rating system, but I don’t know if it would work.


You could go into the yoyo page and click on a link to rank it. When you do it, the system looks like this:

If you
Prefer Undersized Most: ______
Prefer Midsized Most: _______

This could make it a little easier to do it.

That is a stellar idea!

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I do agree that something should be done about people posting generally “bad” reviews, but at the same time, just because the General Section is a sort of catch-all doesn’t mean that it deserves to be flooded with even more useless, uninformative threads.

I think this idea has merit. YYE should think about something like this; perhaps even let the manufacturers define the categories.

But only if you actually purchase a yoyo from the store.