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The forums are great in-all, but, I think it be great if people could put their review on the product on the bottom of the page. A lot of other websites have this feature, it is a lot easier than having to search the forums to see how others like it and such.

I think this is nuts unless the reviews are jurried/reviewed before publishing. Too many reviews are of the “This yoyo is so kewl…” variety.

I think you mean

“This yoyo is so kewl, and I’ve never even touched one”

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In theory it sounds good but in reality…It seems everyone that loves an item leaves feedback and everyone that hates an item leaves feedback. It’s the middle ground that needs to speak up for this to be effective, in my opinion. They aren’t emotionally charged, one way or the other, not fans, not haters, just yoyoers. Those with the most objective opinions choose to remain silent.

I usually get a good feel for what a yoyo is like by seeing what people say about it in multiple threads.


I know this is potentially a hugely flawed idea, but I still think it might be cool if users could “review” a product based on a few pre-determined numeric scales. Say each yoyo has 3 or 4 scales, “floaty”, “fast”, words that describe something about the yoyo’s play, and users (logged in) can choose along the scale for each one time, 1-10.

Anyone who sees the store page will find the average score for each quality listed under the yoyo’s specs. What’s nice about this is that choosing the correct qualities (floaty and fast are examples), you can keep anything truly negative from being said, which keeps your trolls at bay, but still gives a buyer some idea about what other users think. If nothing else, it’s just something interesting to look at and you can completely disregard it.

But, eventually, the numbers would work themselves out and you would end up with a fairly reliable average which disregards outliers. In other words, with enough reviews, it would be about as accurate as a subjective review could be.

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how about if the yoyo has a worthy review in the review section, the mods cN decide to put it with the yoyo in the shop section.

If we are going to be talking about running a survey within the store, then this becomes a statistics problem. As a statistics problem, there are certain rules and guidelines for identifying and removing bias.

As skitrz brought up, as a result of the voluntary response required in such a survey the distribution over represents the extremes (worst yo-yo ever / best yo-yo ever). Generally speaking these are also the least useful reviews because they neglect either some redeeming factors or some detracting elements in the product.

Voluntary response surveys even have a type of bias named after them—voluntary response bias. Statistics textbooks will tell you that surveys biased in this way are essentially meaningless. You can’t sort through the responses to remove bias without inducing your own bias. Your survey means nothing, you can conclude nothing, and it isn’t worth your time to continue even looking at the data.

Will the reviews balance each other out? Yes, in a way they will, but there will be too much spread in the distribution to make any conclusions.

With that in mind, I’ll continue reading reviews by people I trust because I know that they will do their best to present the yo-yos they review in the least biased way.

Okay, a review section is basically doing the same thing as the forum it’s just right there so you don’t have to search the forum for a review. I’m not just focusing on the “stars” given to the product can of reviewing, just saying it be nice if the reviews (comments) were on the page of the yo-yo. People can make their decision from there on whether or not they think the yo-yo is a good fit for them. Same thing we do with the forum just right there for a little more convenience.