Reviews on the Product page?

Would it be cool to add a Reviews section under all the merch you guys sell?
I just recently got an Ascender yoyo holder and man this thing is BAWS! I went to leave a review and it dawned on me that there isnt.

I know there is a part of the forum, but the average shopper isnt going to dig around in there, but Id like to help you guys sell your stuff be leaving reviews of things Ive purchased.

Just a thought…

Personally I find customer reviews are mostly biased and worthless. They’re either 5/5 stars or 1/5 stars type reviews. Usually the guy who wrote the 1/5 review didn’t bother to read the instructions or used the product in a totally inappropriate manner. There are some good reviews in the various online yoyo forums, but you have to look around. They are there.

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While I agree with you for the most part, the average customer likley isnt going to poke around the forums looking for feedback on an item, when (if its available) they might go over to amazon, they read the reviews there, get convineced to buy it, and by then they forgot about this place, and the sale was lost to easy to find and easy to read reviews right on the product page.

If there was a bunch of 1 stars, i wouldnt buy, but a bunch of 5 and I may buy before looking deeper about it. I know my feedback could help people.

For instance if i had read something like “Thick leather, great craftsmanship, should last for years and years!” under the Decender holder as a user review (not manufacturer product pitches) , I would have bought one months ago, but it wasnt until I saw a video of the battle of the elders of a dude wearing one that I could gather more info on it and ultimatly cased the sale.
Or I just bought a CLYW hoodie and would have really liked to know that its kinda tight around the arm pits. I wear L shirt, got XL hoodie, but might have wanted to get an XXL if I had known.

Just saying, I kow you personally dont like them, but I really think they could help YYE out.

Maybe just for the accessories and such and not for all the yoyos tho, that may get too subjective to be of real help…


Just go to highspeedyoyo or even the forums here for a diverse and informed idea of what you’re purchasing. All you have to do is google “X yo-yo review”

I see your point. If you get a good one (review) it’s worth it’s weight in gold whether it’s favorable or not.

Just wanted to say THANKS! The new Reviews setup is sweet and i really think itll help everyone out in the long run. :slight_smile: