Review section for each yoyo in the shop, kinda like reviews on any other store.


so say you purchase a yoyo since you did you can leave a review for the specific yoyo or item that you purchased because YYE knows that you bought it so you are able to review the item, would be good for people who arent sure about something they might wanna buy


The store and the forum do not share login information. That would negate this for the time being.

Then we have the issue of bring over legacy data into an existing database for the purposes of review tracking. YYE already allows reviews regardless of what, where and when, provided you adhere to a few guidelines that are easy to follow. I don’t see this idea being necessary and on top of that, too much work for too little results.

If you want to post a review, please feel free to do so.


I actually wouldn’t mind a customer reviews link on the yoyo sales page. It doesn’t have to exist there all the time like it does on Amazon or whatever, but it would be somewhat helpful and I think people would contribute to it.

I can see why it would be bad, as it would be with any online store. Bad reviews might keep product on the shelf. But good reviews might also move product. In fact, I think the one thing stopping most people from pulling the trigger on a yoyo is just not being informed about the play.

There is a review section, but that lends itself mostly to people interested in making an extensive review. Not a lot of people doing that. A much shorter format that encouraged a paragraph or less about your impressions might garner a lot more attention from potential reviewers.


Yeah it was just a idea because a few times when I wanted to get a throw I didn’t because I had no clue besides what was being written about the throw by YyE. But they aren’t going to say anything negative about a throw so its a bit different. I understand what they mean tho. But alot of reviews I feel coming from people who Yoyo wouldn’t be negative and they would leave a proper review for the proper throw. Like a Ann Connolly whip I bought a week ago. It’s a great throw and a great price and alot better idea to buy then to just buy a center trac bearing for 10.99 and buy the whip instead for 9.99 cause it comes with the center trac. Something like that might move ALL the Ann Connolly whips cause someone might not think about buying the Ann Connolly whip instead of buying a center trac bearing. Also alot of people who are new would prolly also benefit from a review section or maybe some type of 5 star rating system like on shoe sites. I’m also a sneakerhead so I collect sneakers lol. It was just a suggestion tho :slight_smile: