Store Improvement: Reviews

 Hey guys at YYE, I was thinking that for the web-store, you guys could add a review section for the items you carry, like many other stores do. I know the forum has a review section, but some people aren't on the forums, and it's nice to just be able to scroll down and see customer reviews. 
 For example, I want to buy an Avalanche, so I click on the page for the Avalanche. There, I can scroll down to the bottom of the page and have the option to review the yoyo, and to read the reviews. 

 To prevent nonsensical tomfoolery, only people that have a YYE account (I believe they can track if you have purchased the item you want to review from your account) can review items. Just thought it might be helpful...  :)
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I think that’s an epic idea!

I think that’s not an entirely bad idea, but I dislike the part where:

If I didn’t buy from YYE, I can’t post a review on it.

I am sometimes given yoyos or buy from BST, or in some cases, I find amazing deals elsewhere I cannot pass up and so I buy elsewhere, or I buy at like CalStates and will buy a at BAC, and if I do work at Worlds, I’ll buy from there, and if I do sound for Nationals, I’ll buy there too. Or I may just need a “new yoyo fix” and swing down to Toys R Us and get something.

I think the way around this would be for these reviews to be moderator approved. You post a submission and then the moderators get to decide yes/no.

Expanding on that, I think you could use the moderator approved reviews that are posted here and have links to them from the store site. One problem with this is that you really should only post the main review, not the reply comments.

 Studio: I thought shortly after posting about the approved reviews because like you said, I don't always buy from YYE, but couldn't post because of the bad reception at the Train concert I was at.

 The links are also a very good idea, making it so one doesn't have to re-review a product. I bet the guys at YYE can figure out how to get the reviews alone using next-level digital apparatus maneuvers. Let's keep the feedback rolling, because if we want this idea adopted, we have to make it flawless, and free of nonsensical tomfoolery.   :)

That’s fairly simple. YYE can make a “products review” area of the forum if they wanted to. Then, all messages posted there would be posted by an Admin-type role account and locked. That entire area in turn would be set up so as to prevent unauthorized postings. Which means you and I(and everyone else) would not be able to participate in discussion on the review. This would make sense.

Or they could simple publish a product review page, as well as links to specific reviews from the product information page. Again, static content.

But to make it flawless, it has to be created and/or selected by staff. Since there’s an approval process, it will be “less flawed” than other methods. Of course, it will be skewed in favor of the product, but we’re dealing with store-type mentality and as such, that makes perfect sense.

There should be no attempt to stop user reviews on the forum, and in fact, Admin can pull from those if they choose to.