Review section for every item

so every item in the store why not put a “review section” so buyers can look at what they are buying, and how GOOD IT REALLY IS.

if you dont know what im talking about here’s an example (note: i am not advertising)

it’s all preference tho, and when people don’t know how to use a product right they sometimes give it a bad review.

i agree, but it would really be helpful ;D

I’ve seen plenty of online stores with product review sections but with the exception of Amazon, nobody really seems to use them.


I try to use them , but they are never useful…

I find online store product reviews mostly humorous at best.
(disclaimer - personal opinion here)

There are two types of people that leave reviews:

  1. Those that pretty much love the item.
  2. Those that hate the item.

The most objective, best opinions are from those between “love” and “hate.” These are the very individuals that remain silent. Go figure! :slight_smile:

They can be sent an email asking them to write a review.

Even then, the “I hate this product” ones are the most effective. It tells why they do not like it: size, snag-gy, floaty, hefty, ano flaws, vibe, etc. So, then you know why not to buy it, then you go to the “I love this yoyo” part and read those saying why it was great. Then, you have positive and negative reasons to look at. Then, you make your choice.

I say a review section is needed.

Another thing that may help is that the review writers answer a question that is multiple choice and asks for preferred diameter, width, then weight. Three questions. That way, people can read reviews of those that are the same as his/hers or find the review closest to theirs.

All in all, this sounds like a great idea.

I’ve found that most of the negative reviews are from those that didn’t do their homework and have unreasonable expectations of the product, or didn’t read the directions.

I have to agree with you. Here are some bad reviews of magic yoyos that are on amazon. I will admit that they are labeled “professional” and not unresponsive, but truthfully I think very few people would bother to look up what an unresponsive yoyo if they didn’t know what it meant.

Also YYE has great customer service. If anyone has any problems with a yoyo I feel confident that they would take care of it. Add that in with the forum where you can read or ask what other people think and YYE has no need for a comment section.

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Oh my gosh, Dreamer, those Magic Yoyo reviews on Amazon are kind of infuriating. Wow.

I don’t feel we need a review section on this store because the forum is large enough and active enough that there are reviews for most of the products already. If there are not reviews, there is the “looking for help/recommendations” section.

I bought a really nice composite canoe a few years back. Great canoe, loved it. One of the reviews noted that you couldn’t paddle it alone because when you sat in the back seat it would usually tip. Little did the guy know that unlike a Coleman RamX, when you paddle a good canoe you don’t sit there, you move up to between the middle and rear thwart and kneel (or have a third seat installed there). Most decent canoes are designed that way. But he rated it as a really bad cone for that reason.

The problem I see with these is that the people that go buying products sometimes done know what their buying. Like In the case of the magic yoyos on amazon they don’t know what there buying so they just buy what’s appealing to the eye which causes problems. So if there was a review system their would be 2 types of people the ones that know what their getting and the ones that don’t. Also isn’t this what the review section of the goins is for?

OMFG! I am so going to troll amazon right now and post a review on the product with a link to the 30 second video on how to bind return. I won’t forget to mention how it takes less than 5 minutes to learn bind returns. Ill even throw in a “my 5 year old was using it within 5 tries” Haha we should all go spam their review section right now.