Witch one do you prefer and why? I wan’t to know, Sleep time, balance, stability and shape. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Obviously you’re just asking out preferences but in reality you’re going to take the information from the poll to deduce which one is best.

Its not so hard, just think about what you prefer more.


Good point.

Yes, it’s really all about the one you want, not the one we want or liked.

Guys, some people are just interested in what people like. It’s not going to make them automatically love the one you pick if you tell them your favorite. Even though he said “Good point” to Samad, well… hmmm… hmm?.. well I guess he agrees with Samad. I wonder if I should have made this post… hmmm… oh well! Click.

I’ll go through some herd mentality for you.

Most members here want to help others. And we also want others to have the yoyo that fits them better. So when people ask “which yoyo should I get?” we answer with the list of questions, or as I like to do it now: “Which one do you want?” Now there are some people that will get an accurate answer because they have good preferences or just know what they want. But there are some stubborn people that just don’'t want the yoyo best fitted for them.

There’s a timeline to this. First, we get the post where a member wants to know which yoyo he/she should get. Then the list of questions get out, and then some answers. We always seem to come to a conclusion, whether it’s “Well [insert yoyo name here] seems to be a prefect fit to your preferences” or “You should really decide for yourself since you don’t have that accurate preferences yet”. Now after this, the member will just buy the recommended yoyo or take the advise and buy the yoyo they have more interest in. OR, the member will make a poll with some yoyos that he/she wants and see which one the ‘herd’ goes for and then just follow the ‘herd’.

Herd mentality, people tend to love things other people love (or you can exchange the word “people” with the word “sheep” just for the fun of it). These polls never reach a conclusion, but the list of preference questions usually do.

Addment: If this post didn’t describe herd mentality good enough for you, take a look at this: