Which yoyo?

What’s better CLYW Avalanche or YYJ Transcend?

Never tried the transcend but I’ve got an Ava and really love it.

The transcend looks very appealing to me because of the organic profile. But - the Ava is a bit thinner, and bit smaller in diameter and lighter - so my vote goes Ava just based on specs. Thats just my preference.

Also, CLYW has all those cool colors. I THINK they are machined by Onedrop which is great for a Onedrop fan like me.

I dunno where transcend is machined and colors are currently a bit limited. That organic profile of the transcend is right up my alley though.

The choice is yours 8)

Definitely go with the Avalanche. I have one, and It’s one of the nicest yoyos I’ve ever used, and by far the smoothest. Ava’s will also hold their value wayyyy better than a Transcend would.

both tend to drop about $30-$40 in value unless it’s a popular colorway

if buying used though I agree that the avalanches second hand value will remain where it’s at whereas yoyojams drop continually every year.

Make sure to keep the box for the avalanche though if you do get one since that heavily impacts the value.

The avalanche is a bit more expensive and the quality difference is noticeable. Plenty of other yoyos I like more than it but between the 2 it’s the better choice I think.

Can you do horizontal easily with the Avalanche?

Watch “ill vibes”

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I don’t like my ava but I’d recommend it over a transcend.